Special Sets

Snowball Quilt Blocks Pieced in the Hoop   

This is a "mega" set that gives you everything you need to make snowball quilt blocks in the hoop,
with or without an embroidery design in the center.

with embroidery in the block


The set includes 12 darling little redwork angels both as stand alone designs and designs that will piece the quilt block in the hoop for you!

This takes all the guesswork out of making perfect Snowball Quilt blocks! They turn out exactly right every time!

And each block (including embroidery) takes less than 5 minutes to make!!!

Also included is the design to piece the block in the hoop without the embroidery design so you can highlight a fabric motif.

Without the embroidery in the center, you can make a quilt block in under 3 minutes!

We also include a 13 page instruction booklet with photographs to help you make both of these quilts!

And, you can choose this set for a 4x4 hoop (to make a 4" quilt block) or a 5x7 hoop (to make a 5" quilt block).

featuring fabric motifs in the block

This set includes these designs both as stand alone 4x4 designs and as the center of a snowball block:

Snowball Quilt Block Pieced in the Hoop
including 12 4x4 designs and 12 pieced
in the hoop designs as well as complete
quilt instructions


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