Special Sets

Quick Mylar Mittens    

12 left mittens and 12 right mittens

These hold a gift card or other small treats

This set is perfect for crafters and gifters! The entire mitten is done in the 4x4 hoop and the designs have been optimized for using mylar. Every one of these sews out in less than 10 minutes!

We have included a "left" and a "right" mitten for each design so you can make matching pairs if you would like. This way you don't have to worry about reversing anything on your machine to get a pair!

These are finished in the hoop (yes, a 4x4 hoop!). All you do at the end is trim and turn.

24 Mitten Designs AND...all 12 snowman designs by themselves in a small size: each design is approximately 2 1/2" high. These will be perfect for other small projects!

12 small designs

If you haven't done a mylar design yet, read all about it here.

These designs fit a 4x4 hoop - these are actual sewouts on fleece.

Quick Mylar Mittens

12 left mitten designs,
12 right mitten designs
12 separate small designs
with instructions for in the hoop
designs and for using mylar

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