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Fleece Baby Blankets - Sleeping Babies Two    

Fleece makes the softest, most usable baby blankets in the world. We have incorporated the directions for making quick and easy baby blankets with the perfect set of designs for a fast baby gift or for the crafter preparing for a show.

For our quilting friends, we have extended the original 10 graphics so that there are 12 designs in this set. These would make a charming baby quilt.

We even include suggestions for crafters on how to market the finished blankets!

There are six designs for baby boys and six for baby girls. These little blankets are perfect for keeping baby warm in the car seat while the car heats up on a cold winter morning.

Sleeping Babies Two

The designs in the set are all "redwork" which simply means that they are one color and done in an outline style rather than a filled styled. That makes the designs sew out in about 3 minutes each!

These designs fit a 4x4 hoop - these are actual sewouts on fleece.

Fleece Baby Blankets
Sleeping Baby Two
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