Project Pix


Here are pictures of my son's team with their hats.  They were very excited about the hats even though they are high schoolers!  They thought they were fun and great because they kept their ears warm.  They wore them to the pep assembly as well as at the district finals.  Their smiles made the time spent worth it.  I'm sure you'll smile when I tell you that I picked Ben up after practice and he told me they needed 4 more hats-- before the team dinner in 2 hours, please!  I got them done as well as some brownies for the dessert.  Your designs are fun and easy to make, thanks for all you do!

The monster pillows (scroll down to see the picture) were for another son, he's a school counselor and I thought they would be fun for his office as well as comforting for those troubled children he sees.  Every one loves them and wants their own.


I smile everytime I look at these pictures - this is so much fun! And I love the idea of the monster pillows for troubled children. That's such a great way of letting them control the monsters around them! Thanks so much for sharing. - GiGi