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Embrilliance Essentials

We are often asked for a recommendation for software to help folks get the most out of their embroidery machines and the designs they buy. Up until now you were limited to the very expensive packages that come with your brand of machine or some other windows-based programs that are available.

Every embroiderer needs to do some basic things. Those things should be easy and fun, not an hour long trip to the dealer for a class. And it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, either. And just because your computer is a Mac with OSX or a PC with Windows 7 64 doesn’t mean you should be left out! Embroidery software should be easy, fun and useful for everybody.

There is a new program on the market that is not expensive, does all of the essential things that home embroiderers would like to do and is very easy to use. We are delighted to be affliated with this new program: Embrilliance Essentials.

What are these “Essentials?”

Using your Mac or Windows PC you can:



What computer does this work on?

The best part is that Embrilliance works with all kinds of computer operating systems:


  Embrilliance Essentials can read from:   Embrilliance Essentials can write:
  .ART42 .EXP+ .PHD
  .ART50 .HUS .SEW
  .ART60 .JAN .SHV
  .DST .PCS .VP3
  .EMB .PES  
  .EMD .PHB  
  .EXP+ .TAP
  .JEF .VP3
And Embrilliance also includes special features to enable Mac users to write USB devices and floppy disks for use with embroidery machines, including Designer 1.


Size matters too!

Some companies charge more than this for a program that only does resizing of embroidery designs. With Embrilliance Essentials, sizing with stitch recalculation is included! You can re-size embroidery down to half and up to 250%!

We Live in a Colorful World

Thread Brands

Colorize your designs. In a couple clicks you can convert an entire design to your favorite thread brand.

Don't want to do it by thread brand? No Problem!

Want to change colors in a design one-by-one? Maybe you have a DST file which has no colors, and you want to make it look correct by colorizing it. No problem. We’ve got you covered. Er, colored!

Just a couple of easy clicks and your done!



Need to print a template for placement?

This couldn't be easier.

Just open the design in Embrilliance and click on File, Print. This is one of our Spring Lillies.

The print out will include tick marks to show you where the center of the design is and to help you place it exactly where you want it on your garment or project. (They are marked in this picture with red circles.)



Want to add lettering to a design you have?

Embrilliance comes with 12 built in fonts. Click here to see all of the ones included in the program.

There is also a font collection of 15 additional fonts that can be purchased to go with the program.

You can open a design and add text with just a couple of clicks. You can change the color, arc the text and so much more! This is one of our birthday cupcakes with wording added. This would be darling on a bib for a little one's first birthday!



Would you like to actually see how easy Embrilliance is?

We have links to several videos that will get you started:

Embrilliance Essentials

Resizing designs

How to combine embroidery designs

We plan to add a few of our own videos to this list shortly.

Ready to Buy?

Please click here to go to the Embrilliance Store! Purchasing through our link lets the folks at Embrilliance know where you saw this information. Just click on "Store" in the top navigation bar. Embrilliance Essentials is a great program and we know you'll love it!

Want to ask me questions about this?

I would be happy to tell you my wonderful experiences with this software and if I don't have an answer to your question, I'll be glad to find it out for you. Just send me an email: gigi@charmingstation.com