Charming Station Embroidery
Samples of snowmen sewn on colored background with white mylar:

This snowman has one layer of white mylar (and no other helpers like stabilizer or Hide It).

The background is a medium hue. The background did not show through the design and didn't seem to discolor the white part of the snowman.

I think this was in part because of the medium/light color of the background itself.

This photo is the same mylar snowman on a really dark blue background with white, yellow and red print.

I used one layer of the white mylar (by itself with no other stabilizer or Hide It on the front).

If you look closely you can see the print from the fabric showing through (particularly around the end of the scrarf on his tummy).

The background color also darkens the snowman a bit although not as much as if we had used plain Opal translucent mylar.

Scroll down for another sew out that came out much better.


This is the same snowman design again on the same background fabric with two layers of the white mylar.

The snowman is white and the background pattern does not show through.

The extra layer of white mylar worked very well as a color/print blocker.

All in all, I think the white mylar is going to be very useful!

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