New 2013 Quilt Challenge!

Calling all quilters (or anyone who wants to be a quilter!)

New 2013 Quilt Challenge!

February 11, 2013

It's time for a new quilt challenge (we haven't done one in quite a while!).

For those who are new to our group, we would like you to understand exactly what we mean. A quilt challenge is not the same as a quilt show - we will not have judges picking the "best" quilts. A quilt challenge is just to challenge you to get started, to maybe try something new and to hopefully finish a quilt.

The theme of this quilt challenge is simple: Red and White. You start with any redwork (or bluework) designs from our site and use just red and white in the fabrics that you combine for the front of your quilt. Since not everyone wants to use red, we will also accept Blue and White as an alternative. By the way, just because we did a set in red (or blue) doesn't mean you have to use that same color. If we have a set in red but you would prefer to sew it in blue - go right ahead!

We don't expect every quilt that is submitted to be a blue ribbon contender. But the new mom who receives a baby quilt or the older person who receives a lapquilt will love it just as much. If you don't have anyone in mind for a quilt right now, consider making something and donating it to your local hospital or church - they would love to have a gift like this. This quilt “challenge” has very few rules:

  • your Quilt must use redwork (or bluework) designs from our site in the blocks
  • your quilt should be two colors: whichever color you choose, you can only use that color (red or blue) and white in your quilt
  • you CAN use various shades of red or blue
  • You CAN use our free redwork snowmen for this challenge!
  • your Quilt can be any size.
  • your Quilt must include a minimum of 9 designs (more is fine).
  • your Quilt must be finished (including binding).
  • you must send a nice quality large photo of your quilt to me at for our projects page and post a copy to our photo section of the Charming Station Chat group.
  • The samples shown here are just examples - you can use any set and any layout or style that you like! We just wanted to get you thinking about what you would like to make!

This can be something you have already started or a new project - your choice. You will need to take a photo of the front and the back to show that it is finished.

Submit pictures of your finished quilt
by Easter Sunday, March 31st
and you will be entitled to select your choice
of any two sets from our site for free!

Work at your own pace - you have 6 weeks! This is a chance to make something new and get two free sets for doing it! Once you have finished, send me an email and we'll get your choice of free sets to you!

If you have any questions while you are working on the quilt, be sure to post them to the Chat group. If you haven’t quilted before, try following the free basic lessons in our group:

Charming Station Chat > Files >-Quilt Lessons

There is a complete set of 11 lessons in a folder named "1-First-Quilt-All-the-Basics". These will help you with everything from choosing fabric all the way through making and quilting the quilt to binding and finishing the quilt.

Remember - we are all friends and we love to see what everyone is working on! We have a great time cheering everyone on! 

Best wishes, Gigi