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Wreaths for Fall


This wreath set is easy to make and only needs fabric and a coat hanger! There is no need to buy expensive straw or styrofoam forms. We like making these for craft fairs because they are flat and can be stored and transported easily. You can use any fabric - we used quilting cottons or poly cottons and every color and pattern you can imagine!

The set includes 10 Autumn related designs - some are for specific holidays or events, others are more general. These designs are done as free standing decorations that you can alternate in the center of the wreath. Because these are flat and so light weight, they can go on any external door or even internal ones.

The set includes complete directions (with photos) for making these wreaths. You can choose between 4x4 size or 5x7 size designs.




For this back-to-school sample, we used an apple for the teacher and fabric that looks like a green chalk board.

The designs included all fit a 4x4 or a 5x7 hoop - the wreath is NOT made in the hoop, only the center decoration is.

The set includes this football.

You can add your favorite team's name with the lettering on your machine

If you are a rugby fan, leave off the white markings and you have a rugby ball.

We used our machine's lettering to add our Ali's name to the soccer ball as shown above.

We also added the name of our Jessica's rugby team to the one on the left (ruck is a rugby term!).